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Ahh, New Years

Well, the Christmas coma is lifting today.  Cleaned up all the mess from stockings and way too much candy.  >_<

I also watched all 5 seasons of House in the last few weeks.  Hehe.  It's freaking awesome.

AND, I finally decided I was tired of being... well, tired, and have started eating right and exercising.  I had some choice words for the taskmaster on my workout video but I got through it.  >_<

Did everyone have a good Christmas?  Or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or Sol Invictus, or what have you? 

I'm not sure if I want to write something, or join a club of some sort, but I want to create something.  Hmm.  I shall have to ponder that.


Nodame Cantabile - Paris

Ah, I just adore this series!!!  The hiatus on the manga is killing me, but the new Paris anime series is absolutely wonderful.  They are so absurdly, ridiculously CUTE together!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In other news, 14 hour days for weeks, and working weekends, sucks giant ass.  *sigh*  Why do I keep doing this :P  (I know I know, I've bitched about this for so long, it's so dumb.  Heh.)

Both my boys insisted on being Optimus Prime for Halloween, haha!  It's going to be so cute!!!

I was going to try working on a Gauche Suede cosplay for Halloween, but I can't seem to find a jacket that's close enough... maybe I'm just bein' too picky :)


HAPPY [belated... man I suck] BIRTHDAY to dayadhvam_triad !!!  I hope it was made of win and all the things you love!!!!  <3

Anime binge!!!

Holy crap, I've gone completely nuts binging on a bunch of different anime!!!  My favorite of the bunch though is Nodame Cantabile, it's just wonderful!  The music is beautiful, it really brings me back.

AND, it has influenced me to pick up my violin again!!!  (Who says anime isn't good for you???) 

My husband is a working musician, and I've always sort of felt like I was just his "mistress", and music was his true love <3  SO, I downloaded some sheet music for us to do piano/violin duets!!!  It will be wonderful to be able to share music with him!  We're going to play Vivaldi's Sonata in G Minor (Opus 2), it's a really nice piece and easy enough that my 10 years of not playing hopefully won't be a problem.

AND the cool thing is, it will be really unique for him too; I'll be the only one he plays classical music with <3

It felt really good to pull out my violin again :)

In other news, I'm still awaiting a few items for my cosplay... THEY BETTER HURRY UP AND GET HERE!!!!  >_<


Wheeeee...!! CON!

Welp, I have ordered all my stuff that I needed to buy for my Haruhi cosplay!  Now I need to run around town and find all the other stuff!!! 


And then, I need to NOT BE A CHICKEN.  I can really be quite a scaredy-cat.  So I am thinking I will go day 1 and check things out, go to the Dealer's Room.  You see, I'm going to be solo, which makes me asdfjkl; uncomfortable to begin with!  THEN I'm going to cosplay too?!!?  WHERE THE CRAP DID THESE BALLS COME FROM?!  Heh.

Well, even if I do chicken out actually wearing it to the con, I will at the very least take some pics for you guys!  <3

OH and I read that there's going to be a party room there with a REAL HOST CLUB.  I really don't know what to make of that.  It's sort of scary.  Evidently there really are such things!  (Who knew?!?)


I am soooo in love with this anime/manga :)  I am really happy the manga is still going, the ending of the anime was cute but somewhat unsatisfying >.<

I need a rip of the OP for my iPod, does anyone know where I can get one???

This right here would probably be the first manga to reeeally tip me into wanting to cosplay!  BAD!!!  AND GO TO ANIME CONS (because I don't have any friends who have this obsession hobby of mine...)

Any other Ouran fans out there?????  OMG I JUST LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

</fangirl off>
I just finished Final Fantasy VII:  Crisis Core.

And I am very sad that it is over :(

Has anyone else played it, or played FF VII?   I've been trying to find a copy of the PC version of VII but holy fuck it's anywhere from $60 to $180!!!!!!  GACK!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find some icons.  ;)  EDIT:  Ahh, much better :D
ERK!  Did I miss it???  I'm pretty sure the raw of VK 40 has been out for a few days, but I haven't seen the trans... I re-read the whole dang thing in one fell swoop yesterday, holy cow I forgot so much!!!  I wish Zero would yank his head out of his ass!!!  AND Yuuki for that matter!  I'm on Zero/Yuuki angst overload!!!  AAAHHHH!!!

So I sorta, well, completely locked out the server at work today >.<  In my own defense, it shouldn't be happening based on what I actually *did* in the system (I'm pretty sure anyway... heh).  I suspect I will get the withering-look-of-doom tomorrow.  Why is it that people assume I should know every single tiny detail about the system anyway?  I'm sorry, but I've NEVER met ANYONE, no matter how experienced, that has *that* particular skill emblazoned like a big red "S" on their chest.  I'd have to call them Rainman.  There's just waaaayyy too damn much for any one person to know it all >.<

On to more fun topics ;)  my son had a choir "concert" thingy last week.  (My oldest, Max.)  He got up on stage and just sort of stood there sucking on his hand while the other kids sang and did the little sign language stuff.  Hehe.  At one point he just sat right down, lol!  I could tell he was nervous beforehand, I am proud of him for being brave and getting up there anyway :)

I reeeeally need a vacation >.<

Oh and it just occurred to me that people might think my handle "Saqqara" is a play on Sakura... it's not ;)  I've had this handle pretty much everywhere for YEARS.  It's an Egyptian burial ground :)

Ahhh, Itachi....




So, I rewatched Blood+ for the third time now.  Sheesh, it makes me bawl every time.  >.<  

And YUCK, I stumbled across a dub episode, BLECH OOK BARF!!!  AGH, they COMPLETELY SCREWED UP THE VOICES!!!! *(#)*#&$%)*%)$*&

I mean seriously, WTF, Haji is supposed to have a DEEP voice, dammit!!!  ERRRRGH.  I might end up giving it ONE more chance.  MAYBE.  Erk.

I need to find a copy of Nightwalkers, but I can't seem to find anyone selling it.  Yarr, I say.

I wonder if VK is wrapping up soon?  It seems like the anime is doing about 1 chapter per episode, roughly?  They're really tearing through it, which makes me wonder if they know something we don't.  Either that or they'll put in months of shitty fillers.

In RL news - I've had a very, very rough go of it lately, both at home and work.  So I apologize for not really commenting much, everyone.  I just keep hoping that there'll be some sort of bright spot somewhere.  I'm just not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel at the moment.